Compare Ford Focus Dimensions

Periodical client needs burdens car manufacturers to generate brand-new types with enhanced potential, diverse characteristics, and also sizes. When you are considering the last one and try to recognize what dimensions your own Ford Focus has, one may be certain in our stuff. On this page, we provide you with varying charts and tables of content with truthful info regarding the Ford Focus attributes, in particular, its dimensions. Motorists have a lot of requirements to address - amenity, maneuverability, effortless parking, clever gasoline intake, and others. Because of that, the dimensions of your own Ford Focus might be one of the first aspects to think over whenever trying to pick a brand new automobile. So, everybody knows three dimensions that cover height, width, and length. The height of your own Ford Focus should be checked to start with the lowermost part and finish with the tallest point. Width is a crucial factor for those car drivers, who may have a confined storage area, as this second measuring characterizes the widest sides of the Ford Focus excepting car mirrors. The last thing to consider is the length metric of your respective Ford Focus and so as to learn this dimension an auto driver needs to determine it from your backside to the front bumper and lay a device (for example, meterstick) on the floor to detect the clean data. Generally, a standard automobile length metric is placed between 10 and 18 feet. To conclude, you may surely fulfill the size features of your Ford Focus by your means, but our automobile gurus have previously analyzed the required automobile books of instructions and official internet pages so that one has a possibility to easily turn up dimensions of almost any Ford Focus from our charts.


What are the sizes of Ford Focus?

The Ford Focus is 4,378mm long, 1,979mm wide (including mirrors), and 1,471mm tall.

How long is a Ford Focus in inches?

The ford focus is 172 to 179 inches in total length, which is 14.3 To 14.9 Feet.

How long is a Ford Focus in CM?

petrol mild hybrid. Because of its size, features, ground clearance of 15 cm and length of 4397 mm, we classify the Ford Focus Active in the category of compact SUV.

How spacious is a Ford Focus?

Most of the Focus hatchback trims come with 23.3 cubic feet behind the rear seats and 43.9 cubic feet overall with the available 60/40 split rear seats folded down. Cargo space in the ST Hatch is about the same, while the storage area in the RS Hatch is 19.9 cubic feet behind the rear seat and 43.8 cubic feet overall.

How big is the inside of a Ford Focus?

Cargo Space

The Ford Focus comes in sedan or hatchback models, both of which offer different cargo capacity. The sedan has a deep, wide trunk with 13.2 cubic feet of cargo space, while the hatchback interior offers 23.3 cubic feet with the rear seats upright and 43.9 cubic feet with the 60/40-split seats folded.

Is Ford Focus a small car?

The Ford Focus is a compact car (C-segment in Europe) manufactured by the Ford Motor Company and created under Alexander Trotman's Ford 2000 plan, which aimed to globalize model development and sell one compact vehicle worldwide.

Which is bigger Focus or Puma?

Larger in every direction than the Fiesta, the Puma is big enough to steal some Focus sales, and its 456-litre boot is actually a bit bigger and more practical, with a handy washable storage 'MegaBox' liner, adjustable floor and flexible parcel shelf that accommodates tall items.

Is a Ford Ecosport bigger than a Focus?

Visually, it has the appearance and shape of a hatchback, with a frame and heft of a smaller SUV. If you're looking for towing options, the Ecosport will beat out the Focus. While the Focus has very little in terms of towing capacity, the Ecosport can tow 1,400 lbs and an impressive 2,000 lbs with the AWD version.

Is the new Ford Focus bigger?

The current Focus has a far bigger boot than the previous generation as a result, while an electric parking brake and revised cockpit means the front seats feel spacious, and the rear has decent legroom, too.

How wide is the back seat of a Ford Focus?

Ford Focus interior dimensions

Inside, the Ford Focus is reasonably roomy. You get 965 mm of headroom up front and in the back seat, while the Focus' cabin is 1371 mm wide in the front and 1346 mm in the rear.

How big is the boot in Ford Focus active?

In the boot, there's 341 litres of boot space with the rear seats in place, although models with a mini spare wheel and B&O sound system upgrade offer less room at 273 litres.

How big is the Ford Focus estate boot?

You get an enormous 608-litre boot with the rear seats in use, which is almost twice the size of the 375 litres in the hatchback and more than a match for the Volkswagen Golf Estate, too.

Will a 65 inch TV fit in a Ford Focus?

In case anyone was wondering, I was able to fit a Phillips 65 inch tv in my 2016 hatchback SE. The Phillips box was slightly smaller than the other 65 inch tv boxes. The trunk was able to close completely.