How To Sell Your Junk Ford Focus?

How To Sell Your Junk Ford Focus?

With proper care, the Ford Focus will serve you faithfully for many years. But you should understand that no matter how much you take care of your car, its resources aren`t eternal.

Over time, "age-related" problems begin to appear, the Ford Focus starts to break down more often, and such issues become more and more challenging to eliminate. When maintaining and constantly repairing a Ford Focus becomes impractical and expensive, the best choice is to sell it and buy a newer one.

A Ford Focus is considered junk when it cannot perform its functions and is suitable for sale only for scrap metal and spare parts (if any are still available). The approximate cost of such cars is no more than 300 dollars.

If you want to know all the aspects of how to sell your junk Ford vehicle and do it properly, keep reading our article for more details.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Ford Focus can have value beyond just scrap metal, including salvageable parts and materials, potentially making it more valuable to private buyers or collectors.
  • Before selling a junk Ford Focus, it's essential to gather all necessary documentation, including the vehicle title and any associated paperwork, to ensure a legitimate and smooth sale process.
  • Some states have specific rules about the sale and transfer of junk vehicles, making it crucial to be aware of local regulations.
  • When selling, one should be transparent about the car's condition and history to build trust with potential buyers and avoid misunderstandings in the future.

How to sell your junk Ford Focus

If you have already decided to sell your Ford Focus to a junkyard, you should do it the right way. So you`ll get as much money as possible from this, and you won't create issues for yourself or the future buyer - they may arise if you make some sales prep steps incorrectly.

Estimate the value of your Ford Focus - maybe it's too early to send it to the junkyard?

What made you think about giving up your Ford Focus for metal? Does it already drive badly, and constantly break down? Perhaps it needs quite expensive repairs, the cost of which exceeds the value of the Ford Focus - for example, replacing catalysts or overhauling the engine.

Or maybe the quality of the metal is already in poor condition - the Ford Focus is very badly affected by corrosion.

However, you should not draw hasty conclusions - if the Ford Focus is in bad condition for you, it may still be suitable for other people.

For example, someone is ready to do the repair themselves or needs a Ford Focus donor for the same vehicle, and it will give you a lot more money than what you get at a junkyard sale.

Perhaps your Ford Focus is desirable for collectors and represents value in any condition; even in a deplorable one, it will be worth a lot of money. 

Run a check; maybe people are looking for your car, and you can sell it very profitably for yourself.

Decide how you want to sell your Ford Focus

You can sell your Ford Focus in a number of ways, including:

  • Take it immediately to the local junkyard. If you decide to take your Ford Focus to a junkyard, choose the place that is closest to you. Call several to compare prices and convenience for you. In this way, you increase the chance of a quick sale and more money;
  • Sell directly to people. When selling cars directly to people, create and display ads wherever possible: on social networks (Facebook, Twitter (X), Instagram, etc.), on forums, or on bulletin boards. In this way, you`ll greatly increase the chances of engaging your target audience. Don't forget to add pictures and a short but meaningful description to your ad;
  • Sell your vehicle to a company specializing in the sale of used cars. By selling junk Ford Focus to the company, you remove most of the problems from yourself.  In this case, you give the Ford Focus away and don`t worry about its future fate; its further sale will be handled by the managers. The main disadvantage of this method is that you will get less money by selling the Ford Focus to the company;
  • Give the Ford Focus as a trade-in. Trade-in is the optimal solution because when you hand in your old car, you get a discount on a new one, which can significantly save you money.

How to sell your junk Ford Focus - list of actions

Whichever sales method you choose, you should follow the same list of actions. Follow it, and the process of selling the Ford Focus will be much easier.

Prepare all the necessary documents

Collect all the papers related to the car. These are a document certifying your ownership of it (the vehicle title), a vin code and service history, bank statements that the Ford Focus belongs to you (if it was purchased on credit or leased), and also, just in case, copies of these documents.

This is quite extensive paperwork, but it must be completed so that the sale is successful and there are no questions for you from the law.

Pay off all the vehicle debts


Of course, when selling a car, you want to make money, not spend it. However, this is a necessary step before selling. The vehicle must be completely clean and legitimate. 

The buyer can refuse the purchase if there is a loan on the car, and you can be held liable for trying to hide this fact. Therefore, before selling the Ford Focus, you must pay off all debts on it: loans, fines, etc.

Take photos of the car


Before selling, take all the necessary photos of your Ford Focus - from all sides and angles, from the inside (interior). Also, show the problem areas of the Ford Focus in the photos.

Make a list of what works and what doesn't in the car. Mention there what is working, and what is subject to repair. This can affect the final value of the vehicle.

Compare various offers

Do not rush to agree to the first best offer. Compare what others will offer you.

At junkyards, the price is formed simply - you get money for the weight of metal in the car. This price can vary, so some may be able to pay you more.

Remove all valuables from your Ford Focus


When you sell a car, everything inside goes to the next owner. Therefore, if you are selling the Ford Focus as scrap metal - we advise you to take away everything that can represent value, including:

You may still need these things. You can sell them for more money or reinstall them in a new car.

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Remove license plates


Remove the license plates from the Ford Focus - they should not end up in a junkyard or get to a new owner. In many states, you are required to submit license plates to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or a similar department. Depending on where you live, you can do it by mail or you`ll have to show up there in person.

Cancel insurance


When the Ford Focus no longer belongs to you, why pay quite a lot for its insurance? When you sell the car, don't forget to cancel the insurance. However, don`t do it too early - cancel the insurance only when you are absolutely sure that you are giving the Ford Focus away. Because a lot of things can happen.

Make a sale of your Ford Focus


When all points are agreed upon, make a deal and transfer the Ford Focus to the other party. If you sell a Ford Focus to a junkyard, everything valuable will be removed from it, and then it will be disposed of. If you sell the Ford Focus to a private person, he or she will act in their own interests. Remember a few basic rules to follow when selling:

  • Sign the purchase and sale agreement and all related documents. Don`t just agree to hand over the keys in exchange for cash - verify everything legally to avoid problems in the future;
  • Sign the documents only when you receive the money;
  • Don't pay for your Ford Focus to be towed or for a Ford Focus towing truck service. Most companies will take care of the car's removal.

After the vehicle`s sale


Depending on where you live, you may need to notify the state of the sale of your car. This can be done through the Department of Motor Vehicles or other competent authorities. 

Many states have specific time frames for such notice, so it's important to familiarize yourself with your state's requirements so you don't fall foul of them. It is advisable to complete this process within a few days for peace of mind.

In addition to fulfilling legal obligations, a notice of sale also protects you from potential liabilities. If your junked Ford Focus is bought back, restored, and later sold, you won't be responsible for any accidents or damage caused by the car.

Do whatever it takes to get rid of any connections to your car. The vehicle that you leave must be clean, both physically and legally.

How To Sell Your Junk Ford Focus? (2nd option)


In most cases, the owners of cars that cannot be repaired or brought to order in any way give them to scrap metal without thinking that they can be sold for spare parts.

Sometimes it happens that you don't need a Ford Focus for which you can be offered from 100 to 300 dollars at a junkyard, it is more profitable to sell it separately for spare parts.

This is the right and profitable decision because in some cases, you can earn more money on auto parts removed from an unnecessary, unusable Ford Focus than you would simply give it like that.

Perhaps someone is looking for an interior detail such as a glove box cover or ventilation switches or needs an engine or gearbox part.

Therefore, before scrapping the car, look carefully: it may contain parts or spare parts that will represent value for a certain circle of people.

Do not be lazy and search the Internet for information about disassembling your junk Ford Focus. Мaybe right now someone is looking for the necessary spare parts or a part that is on your car.

Quite often, exterior spare parts that have already been used are bought by people who have the same car, of the same year but was in an accident.

This applies to headlights, bumpers, or a radiator grill. This is done so that the general appearance of the Ford Focus does not raise questions. For example, when the rear left headlight differs from the right one, which looks newer, it can significantly drop the final price.

In this way, you will not only help a person get the desired part or spare part but also earn a certain amount of money that you can use at your own discretion.

To Wrap Everything Up

Selling a junk Ford Focus may appear to be a difficult task, but with proper understanding and approach, it can be a simple and even rewarding job.

Be transparent while providing information about the condition of your junk Ford. Accurate detail and straightforward communication can build trust and lay the groundwork for a successful sale.

Whether you're dealing with a private buyer or a salvage yard, being honest about the vehicle's history, condition, and any issues it may have can help you avoid confusion and disagreements later on.

First and foremost, it is critical to understand that your junk Ford Focus may have more value than meets the eye. While it may be tempting to ignore it as nothing more than a scrap metal piece, its parts and materials can all add to its value.

Comprehensive research, both online and offline, can shed light on the fair market value of your car's components and salvageable parts. Understanding the potential value allows you to make the right decisions when negotiating with potential buyers or scrapyards.

Another essential component of selling your junk Ford Focus is making sure you have all of the necessary documentation. To boost the process and demonstrate legitimacy to the sale, titles, ownership proofs, and other relevant paperwork should be readily available.

Keep in mind, that some states have specific regulations regarding the transfer of ownership of junk vehicles, so being mindful of local laws and requirements is critical.

Before bringing your Ford Focus to a junkyard, check if there is anything you want to leave for yourself like seat covers, speakers, personal stuff, etc.

We hope that our article will help you make the right decision when selling your junk car.

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